Five things you should know before booking your wedding photographer

A good client is a happy client. To exceed the bride's and grooms expectations is my top priority.

To make sure you will have the experience you deserve when booking your wedding at I made a list with five things you should know before booking your wedding photographer.

1. I always show up early. Let this be one stress less from your mind. I will be there at the time I promised. I had never been late for any wedding and will never do. In fact, if I come to your door 30 minutes early, you should know that I sat in my car another 30 minutes probably.

2. Please be ready. On our phone or face to face wedding consultation, I will tell you that I want you to be prepared at the time of my arrival. What does this mean? It means I want you to have your hair done and makeup done, ready to wear your dress. I am there to capture the best of you!

3. Your wedding dress looks good only on you, not hanging by the door or trees. Rings look good on your fingers, shoes on your feet. I love photographing accessories, but I believe the best pictures are only when you wear them.

4. The less is more! I am a man of quality, not quantity. Expect enough images to tell your wedding story but don't expect duplicates and meaningless photos. For a ten hours wedding, I never delivered more than six hundred unique images. All your photos will be carefully selected, and only the best will be edited and delivered to you.

5. I apply the same principle for album design! The less is more! A wedding album is not an instrument to visualize photos but is a book that tells a story in images. All my wedding photo albums are designed for the "wow factor" They are meant to take the breath away from anyone who will open them. An album spread (two pages) can have from one to five photos but will never have twenty. You will choose the images, and I will make the design. You will also have the final word before going to print.

That being said I am always open to suggestions and I am continuously seeking new ideas to boost my creativity. If you have any special request, please feel free to discuss with me either by calling me on 07403949492 or email me on